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RE: [IP] When to Start a child on pump

I'm not a child on a pump,but an adult on a pump..but diagnosed at 10 years old.  I say go for it now...why wait?..I regret all  all of the years that I lost without good control....just my .02
A couple who are friends of mine have asked me to pass on this question 
to parents of children on pumps:  When is the best time for children to 
start on the pump?  Their child, named Michelle, is 6 years old, and was 
diagnosed two years ago.  They struggle a lot with maintaining 
reasonable blood sugars and have seen the success that I and their niece 
who wears a pump have had.  The advice they have been given is "Wait 
until the child is 15 and begging for it."  Do others agree/disagree?
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