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Re: [IP] When to Start a child on pump

   Couldn't agree more!! Melissa was 13 when she got her pump, but had called
for the video herself a year before.  Now that she IS 15, I think - no, I KNOW
- it would have been MUCH harder to start now.  In fact, just this morning, I
was thinking what a relief it is to have her on a pump now, because she's just
entered that "I think I'm fat "(which of course she isn't) stage & is eating
"healthier" ( which for example meant no breakfast this morning before going
off to her camp counselor job)...Of course, nutritionally that's unsound, but
socially it's very "normal"....Since she'll be having a big lunch (JDF WALK
kickoff luncheon is today & she's leaving camp early) I didn't even say a word
( with teens, one learns to "choose one's battles").....BUT it did bring back
NOT fond memories of those embattled mornings pre-pump when I wouldn't let her
go off to the bus stop with her sister because she hadn't eaten all of her
breakfast.....and she was crying that she was full & wanted to go on the
school bus...and I was not-so-calmly telling her that she didn't have a
choice, since she'd already taken her shot, blah blah blah....sound a little
too familiar guys????....
     Bottom line...by the time these D. kids ( who are already unusually aware
& responsible by virtue of their disease) reach their pre-teens, many of them
ARE capable of handling a pump, & more than ready for making CHOICES, which
the rigid routine of shots doesn't allow, but getting older does demand.
     Last comment....Melissa's wearing her skinny black stretchy pants today
..no pockets...Where's her pump?????....Snug against her ankle, held in place
by her dad's tennis terry-cloth wrist bands!!!!...tubing is running down her
leg, inside the pants......Tell me again why doctors think kids can't handle
pumps??????.....This was HER solution one day when she REALLY wanted to wear
these pants, but didn't want her pump to show.....,..Where there's a will, etc
etc etc

Regards, Renee
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