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Re: [IP] When to Start a child on pump

>>A couple who are friends of mine have asked me to pass on this question 
>>to parents of children on pumps:  When is the best time for children to 
>>start on the pump?  Their child, named Michelle, is 6 years old, and was 
>>diagnosed two years ago.  They struggle a lot with maintaining 
>>reasonable blood sugars and have seen the success that I and their niece 
>>who wears a pump have had.  The advice they have been given is "Wait 
>>until the child is 15 and begging for it."  Do others agree/disagree?

Our son got the pump at 12.  It is great.  Our doctor suggested not 
waiting until high school because of all of the other "changes" that
are going on at that time.  There are alot of other parents here that
have very young children on them so they should be a much better judge
for a 6 year old, but I definitely think that 15 is too long to wait.

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