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Re: [IP] DKA

> Unfortunately, very few in the medical field can handle us lay-people
> knowing more about diabetes than they do.  I'm willing to bet they
> labeled you as 'difficult' because you didn't want to treat your son the
> way they did.  In the short 19 months that Kayla has had this disease,
> I've learned more about diabetes than most doctors (endo's excluded)
> learned in four years of med school.  And they don't like that at all. 

I have to give Lily's endo credit for actually asking us questions 
about the treatment plan we use so he can apply it to his other pump 
patients. He is now using a number of things learned on this list 
that he was previously not aware of. He's a great guy and very 
professional. The information truly flows in both directions.Three 
cheers, we've got a good one! 
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