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Re: [IP] Low blood sugars

> If your son's blood sugars are going to 300-400 on one carb he is rebounding
> from the low not the carb. Even if he doesn't read that low you may be
> catching him on the way up from the liver dumping glucagon. I would re-
> evaluate when he goes low-is it at certain times fo the day? If so-lower your
> basals. If it is after a emal you may need to lower your bolus.
> Have you read PUMPING INSULIN by John Walsh? 

Is your son using HUMALOG? The onset of a low can be quite rapid and 
sometimes unpredictable from my limited experience with Lily. I 
noted that many times we could never see the 'real' low. That is 
her bg's would not fall below the mid 30';s and shee would still 
rebound. If this is the case, you may wish to try an H/V mix. 
Something about mixing, even in very small ratios of V seems to 
moderate this 'invisible' effect. Over the last year, she has 
only experienced a couple of instance of rebounding where there 
was a bad screw-up. On straight H, this occured fairly often 
without evidence of a solid low. Sometimes with bg's only of 50 
or more. Hmmm.. this might remove the unpredictability for 
your son although it will not significantly change the onset of a 
really excessive bolus.

Talk to your doc about this if he is open to trying this kind of 
therapy, otherwise perhaps the list members can provide some 
additional insight.

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