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Re: [IP] eating out

> <<   Another rule of thumb I was taught was 1 hour after eating you bg should
>  > never be above 180, Two hours after eating should never be above 150. 
>  This rule of thumb is for regular insulin. For Humalog, the bg's 
>  should be relatively flat. If bg's are 50 points high after 1 hour, 
>  you must bolus for the 50 points plus that much again for the next 
>  hour. Always calculate the 'unused insulin' or 'unused carb' and 
>  compensate accordingly. >>
> Why is this rule of Humalog the rule?  People without diabetes are often in
> the above ranges after meals.
> Barbara B.

I disagree. Kidneys spill glucose starting at around 165 or so. I 
don't think most non-diabetic folks routinely spill glucose in their 

The post-prandial bg's for regular typically run higher because 
regular does not match the digestion curve of most individuals 
without gastro problems or unless the meal contains a lot of fat 
which will slow down digestion.

Some individuals may achieve the 150 - 180 ranges successfully by 
good timing of the pre-meal bolus and the glycemic indices of the 
food. This does not, however, appear to be nearly as easy as with 
Humalog, the peak of which conviently comes at the peak digestion 
period for typical meals for a normal size adult or teen.

Just my non (un) professional observations

Michael :-)
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