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Re: [IP] bg's after bolusing (was eating out)

> > If she gets back to where she started than the dose itself looks right.
> Could
> Tonight was a perfect example.  At 5:30 her bg was 121.  Perfect.  I
> decided to try giving the bolus early another shot.  I gave her 2.9u for
> her meal bolus and by 5:50 she had dropped to 25.  Yikes!!!  A 96 point
> drop in twenty minutes!!  Yet if I had waited and bolused her just
> before she ate, her postprandial would have been over 200.  Argh!

Well, just a complicated suggestion. You could try to play with her 
diet and revise the food list to use those with a different glycemic 
index that would better match her digestion curve with the Humalog.

Rick Mendosa's website has a huge list of foods with their glycemic 
indices. Link on the website.

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