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Re: [IP] RE: "Dark Ages" revisited

Buddy Barber wrote:
>     I too remember the needles, 27 gauge X 58", that were chrome plated.

WHoa Buddy, just a second here! You used 58" needles? Gee, the longest I ever 
used were 5/8" long.....Or does your keyboard have a broken key. <Grin>

> did have to learn how to re-sharpen them on a piece of sandstone. The nurse
> that worked in the lab at my doctor's office gave me lessons on that! I
> remember the tiny pieces of music wire I had to use to push through the
> needle to insure there was nothing clogging it. Ted, Bob, either of you ever
> do this? 

Sure, just like everybody else. As a matter of fact when we were packing to 
move here last November I found my whetstone in it's little leather cover.
Don't remember if I kept it then, but I DID finally throw out a box of test 

After sharpening I would use a dry cotton to insure there was not a
> barb. Ouch!

Hope Barb doesn't take umbrage over this....

>     Paula, your grandmother had to learn from experience that she could take
> enough insulin to counteract almost anything she wanted to eat? Maybe not.
> At that point in time they tried to make all young diabetic children think
> that if you ate anything with sugar in it it would kill you!

AH, yes, but my endo was more of a realist than that. He told me that it was
to include "special treats" such as ice cream or cake without frosting
but ONLY when treated as part of the diet. He thought it was absurd to expect a
year old to be that strict with himself, and was aware that it really wasn't
from other foods, just needed reasonable consideration in moderate amounts.
the ADA has finally decided he was right, and it only took them about 38 years
to do it!

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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