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Re: [IP] RE: "Dark Ages" revisited


I don't know if you've ever had the chance to see the video titled "And
Glory Enough For All" (least that's how I remember the title). It's about
the research and testing which led to the discovery of insulin. I think
this was produced as one of the Hallmark "Hall of Fame" broadcasts?

Truly a remarkable tale. In the "early days", survival (if you want to call
it that) depended on *very* strict adherence to a diet that had no
flexibility. Every little morsel of food was weighed and calculated,
exercise did not seem to be part of the plan, and people had little hope
for a future beyond the next 15 years.

If you have a chance to see the film, it will give you some great insight
into how your great grandfather survived during that time. My hat's off to
him ;-)


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>I've often wondered how my great-grandfather lived to be 72 and yet be
>Type I diabetic before insulin was discovered.  He was diagnosed
>sometime around the turn of the century and died in 1970.  So he was a
>toddler when diagnosed.  I know insulin came along when he was older,
>but no one in my family remembers much about how he got by before that
>except that he was on an extremely limited and strict diet.  Does anyone
>else know how some diabetics managed to survive before insulin?

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