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Re: [IP] bg's after bolusing (was eating out)

> If she gets back to where she started than the dose itself looks right.
> be the timing that's off.  How long before the meal do you/she bolus?
> absorption might be a little slower too than the usual humalog curve.  I
> believe there is a way to test this (ie the action curve of the insulin).
> someone remember?


Thanks, Ruth for the advice.  Her endo seems to think that Humalog works
longer for Kayla than it should.  It's still working six hours later and
seems to peak at four instead of two.  We once tried bolusing 1/2 hour
before eating, like with Regular, but then she dropped too low too
fast.  So, the Humalog starts working quickly (as it is supposed to) but
doesn't seem to get into high gear soon enough.

Tonight was a perfect example.  At 5:30 her bg was 121.  Perfect.  I
decided to try giving the bolus early another shot.  I gave her 2.9u for
her meal bolus and by 5:50 she had dropped to 25.  Yikes!!!  A 96 point
drop in twenty minutes!!  Yet if I had waited and bolused her just
before she ate, her postprandial would have been over 200.  Argh!

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