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Re: [IP] RE: "Dark Ages" revisited

Buddy wrote:

>     Paula, your grandmother had to learn from experience that she could
> take
> enough insulin to counteract almost anything she wanted to eat? Maybe not.
> At that point in time they tried to make all young diabetic children think
> that if you ate anything with sugar in it it would kill you! Ha. I look
> back
> sometimes and just about crack up! It is really funny with the knowledge we
> have now at our fingertips.

I've often wondered how my great-grandfather lived to be 72 and yet be
Type I diabetic before insulin was discovered.  He was diagnosed
sometime around the turn of the century and died in 1970.  So he was a
toddler when diagnosed.  I know insulin came along when he was older,
but no one in my family remembers much about how he got by before that
except that he was on an extremely limited and strict diet.  Does anyone
else know how some diabetics managed to survive before insulin?

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