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Unrealistic Doctors (was)Re: [IP] Camp Caution

      Excellent analysis of why the "system" fails so many patients with
diabetes....If  your physician uses this illogical approach to this
unpredictable disease, then..
      a) a new doctor might be in order
      b) a new career might be in order for the doctor-  say something like an
accountant where shifting numbers here & there WILL result in the desired
bottom line!!!......
      If this wasn't sadly such a common "thread" it would ALMOST be "funny"
that an intelligent, supposedly well-educated "professional" could chastise a
child or his/her parents for "Bad BGS"...Almost makes me picture one of those
commercials for "bad breath" with a disembodied voice looming behind a
sheepish-looking soul, shouting "DO YOU HAVE BAD BREATH?"...shame, shame,
shame.....Too bad Listerine doesn't work on "Bad BGS" too!
     Humor aside, I'm sure we all concur that these doctors also have to
contend with patients NOT like those posting to this group, who truly ARE
"clueless" about improving their diabetes; and yes, that must be VERY
frustrating.....BUT, the issue I'm addressing is when an obviously pro-active,
well-informed patient runs into "Bad BGS" ( there's that voice again!!! LOL) &
is given no credit for the explanation being unfathomable......

Regards, Renee (Melissa's mom)
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