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Re: [IP] DKA

> Thanks for your help,
> Fruitcake
> Deb (Nate's mom)

Dear FruitCake,

You are not nuts!
The mail archives are full of horror stories. Many people, medical 
professionals as well as lay persons, are badly un-informed about the 
symptoms and treatment of emergency situations involving Type 1 
diabetics. The stories represent only the bad side of things and do 
not reflect the good and professional treatment received by many. The 
good things are usually not mentioned, probably because that is what 
we all expect. BUT, you are not alone (just ask Sara, heh... heh...). 
You must be ever vigilant. You will find that in many cases you will 
be better informed and a better judge of necessary treatment for your 
son simply because you have taken the time and trouble to become an 
'expert' about leading edge treatment of Type 1 diabetes.

In short, Welcome to Insulin-Pumpers. This is why we exist, to help 
each other and disseminate information on the proper treatment of 
diabetes and it's complications.

Try not to be angry with these (turkeys) people. Help to educate them 
so it does not happen again to you or anyone else. Enlist the aid of 
the person who 'saved' the day to educate the hospital personnel. In 
the future remember that the very first thing to do is contact 
someone in (medical) authority to supervise the admission and 
treatment, and to make sure that the attending staff really does know 
what they are doing.

email @ redacted
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