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[IP] Blood Pressure

I'm new to this service and hopefully I'm sending this message to the
right address.
I have been on the Mini-Med 506 pump for approximately 2 1/2 years.   The
pump works well but my blood sugars are still not perfect.   My A1c tests
are in the 7's. 

 I also have high blood pressure.   I have been taking Calan 240 MG and
Accupril 20 MG each twice a day.    My blood pressure was normal with
these medications.   I recently started to be treated for Benign
Prostatic Hyperplasia, (enlarged prostate gland).   I was put on "HYTRIN"
2 MG, once a day at bedtime,  for this condition.   This medication also
works as a blood pressure medication.  My blood pressure started to get
to low so my doctor changed my Calan to 180 MG twice a day.   Some  days
this is OK and other days in the mornings between 9 am and noon by blood
pressure drops to low.   What I wondering is anyone knows how to raise
blood pressure when it is low?    When my blood sugar is low I drink
orange juice or use glucose tablets.   What do you do when your blood
pressure is low to bring it back up?
Gary Pieper

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