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Re: [IP] DKA


      You are NOT a fruitcake! Nothing makes me angier than when a doctor is
completely unsupportive.  I have had several high stress situations where my
Bg's have raced up for no apparent reason. My breakup with my X sent me to the
hospital with 700's and 800's and I didn't eat anything.  Always remember that
you know your kid better than anyone else does and you need to do what is
right for him.  So pass it off to their incompetence. I once went to a doctor
because I had terrible sinus pain. He told me that I was a hypercondriac and
offered me a RX of valium. The next week I went to the dentist and found out
that my wisdom teeth were growing into my sinuses. Since then I have never
taken the word of a medical professional when I feel that I am right.  So
don't get down on yourself. You seem to have a great pediatric nurse. 
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