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Re: [IP] DKA

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I think I just need to know that not all medical professionals are like what we 
had to deal with last weekend!

My son, pumping for 7 weeks, developed the 'flu.  OK, I know I didn't handle it 
right, but this was our first sick day in 17 months.  He hadn't had any vomiting 
for several years, so I am lucky in that respect.  

To try to shorten this story, I took him to the hospital at 1:30 a.m. on Friday, a 
small-town hospital, and had some trouble (they called me a fruitcake, because 
i told them Nate would jump up into the 4 or 500's during high stress, and since 
he had the Kussal (sp?) breathing, he was obviously in a high stress situation.  
I finally called nate's nurse practitioner, which is the only thing that probably 
saved nate's life!!  They had not done a blood gas test, which she said should 
have been done immediately.  He was finally transferred to a well-known 
children's hospital, in the Pediatric ICU unit for about 40 hours, and I was made 
to feel like it was all my fault, you're a bad mom, etc.  I also had lots of 
problems because I did not want to continue their program, staying in another 3 
days to continue education their way, (which included the exchange list, etc.), 
when we are already counting carbs.  I don't know what I would have done if it 
hadn't been for the nurse that has been with us since day 1!!!!  She did tell me 
it wasn't my fault, that DKA happens, etc., but I was still under the impession 
that most of the MDs thought I hadn't done something right.  Do you guys ever 
have these episodes, or is it really my fault.  I will say that he had the flu, felt 
better, took a shower ate supper, and then several hours later, vomited again.  
All of this happened in less that 12 hours!  (My child responds quickly to 
anything, including DKA!)  So, if it is my fault, please tell me.  Our educator is 
giving us a prescription for vomiting and/or diarhea (sp), and we are going over 
sick days in GREAT detail, which we were lax on because of not having any, 
and also, we now test for ketones after anything over 200.  This was our very, 
very first hospital visit, we didn't have to go in for education nor pump training, 
we went to the CDE's house (same nurse).  So, please be honest, have you 
guys with lots more experience had this happen, and what is the best way to 
handle it?

Thanks for your help,
Deb (Nate's mom)
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