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Re: [IP] RE: "Dark Ages" revisited

Buddy wrote:

>    I too remember the needles, 27 gauge X 58", that were chrome plated. I
>did have to learn how to re-sharpen them on a piece of sandstone. The nurse
>that worked in the lab at my doctor's office gave me lessons on that! I
>remember the tiny pieces of music wire I had to use to push through the
>needle to insure there was nothing clogging it. Ted, Bob, either of you ever
>do this? After sharpening I would use a dry cotton to insure there was not a
>barb. Ouch!

Those needles were more like "pipes" than needles (I hope you meant 5/8
inches and not 58 inches ;-)). I don't recall using sandstone to sharpen
them, but I do recall using the inside of a drinking glass to try to reduce
the barb on the end somewhat. Dad used to re sharpen razor blades this way
too, if he had to, stubborn old guy that he is. Hmmm, I wonder where I got
that personality characteristic from ???

Tricky to hold the needle and slide it around the inside of the glass, but
it worked in a pinch. Unclogging the needle with that wire thing was kind
of comical, in retrospect. The worse part about the barb on the needle was
trying to remove the needle, once you managed to "horse it in". That seemed
to hurt the worse. There's a reason they put barbs on fish hooks (and
there's a reason I remove them, if anyone is keeping score ;-))


>Hang in there! It is getting better all the time. One day there will be no
>diabetes. . . . . . . . .

That's why I'm looking forward to *not* being a member of the "50 years on
insulin" club. I'd like nothing better than to have the awards ceremony
stopped in time to hear the announcement that "Effective immediately,
they've discovered the cure. All those with diabetes, please line up at the
door for your prize".

That would be the biggest prize of all ;-)

Bob Burnett

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