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Re: [IP] Site Lump

At 04:38 PM 7/20/98 -0700, Ruth wrote:

>I think site corruption and the beginning stages of an infection are
either tied
>together or one and the same.  I've had a pump for 17 years and fought these
>endlessly (The old metal needles used to cause "site corruption" too and
>ended in horrendous infections).   I don't think you can really separate them
>except that if you take a set out of a just corrupted site, the infection
>repairs itself and if you push it too far or if there are other factors (high
>bgs, bacteria etc) it eventually will abcess.

This is interesting, and I had not considered that possibility. Usually
when I speak of "site corruption", I'm using the term within the broader
context of the site losing absorption and beginning to harden. Many users
have reported these signs with Humalog, and to a lesser extent, with
Velosulin / Regular.

Your point re: taking the set out of a "just corrupted site", and having
the "infection repair itself", baffles me a bit, since I've not heard of
"infections" taking care of themselves without some form of user
intervention, such as a combination of hot compresses, antibiotics, etc. If
in fact, site corruption *can* be viewed as part of the infection "cycle"
it makes me wonder what the longer term effects of repeated, continued site
corruption might be. Does the body start to develop an immunity and / or
antibodies to the irritant (insulin and / or needles)?

You've got me thinking - thanks ;-)

Bob Burnett

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