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Re: [IP] RE: 39 Years

At 08:20 AM 7/16/1998 -0400, you wrote:
>to: Buddy Barber:
>39 Years - WOW - You are my hero.
>Who else out there has done that much time???
I have been working at it since I was 15, not so young as some of the kids
here, so no big thing (I thought).  I too recall the earlier, more
interesting days of urine testing, and finally realizing that it was at
least two hours behind where I am now.  Fortunatly Tes-Tape had just come
on the scene when I did.  I started with the GP that first saw me at the
age of 21/2.  He retired a year ago and that was very traumatic.  

I have had eyes  checked with plans to inject dye to photograph all the
retinopathy and the doc asked if I was really diabetic.  A few years later
a different doc looked and said there was no point, there was nothing to
photograph.  I read the messages detailing those that are having problems
and realize how fortunate I am.  That is the extent of my complications.

I have survived this long thanks to a wonderful best-friend that has, until
the pump arrived, awakend me with OJ too many times and brought me home
from the ER a few times also.  I have told her many times that if not for
her, I would not have come home one of those times, or another.  It was
partly to reduce, if not remove (so far... :-) those adventures from her
life that I finally decided to get pumpin'.

 I am now working to 54, so have been about 38.5 years (I was diagnosed
just after my 15th birthday, so can place it fairly well, even though my
dentist said he had an idea for a year or two before. (?)  So far,
knock/touch wood, no big problems.  With this new pump, I plan to keep it
that way.  It has been an exciting ride (maybe sometimes a bit too exciting
 :-) and I thank whoever is watching over me that I am with the wonderful
person I will be with forever, who has taken such good care of me.  :-)

And Bob thought HE rambled.  We'll not have a contest.  :-)


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