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[IP] chilled silouhettes?

I have been pumping for 35 days now.  I was using the sof-sets with the sof-serter, but they hurt me to much-MM suggested silhouettes because I don't have enough fat.   Today I inserted a silhouette for the 2nd. time.   I figured I'd call MM since I had inserted the 1st one slowly (I had no problems with this set-no NoDeliveries and I wore it for 3 days) I was concerned about the cannula crimping.   I was told to put the set in the freezer for 5 - 10 minutes to help prevent crimping.  Has anyone done this or heard of doing this?  I also had to use Emla both times.  If anyone has some tips about inserting these scary things I'd really appreciate it.   I find them very comfy and would rather not go back to sof-sets.  Thanx.