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Re: [IP] Site Lump


I think site corruption and the beginning stages of an infection are either tied
together or one and the same.  I've had a pump for 17 years and fought these
endlessly (The old metal needles used to cause "site corruption" too and always
ended in horrendous infections).   I don't think you can really separate them
except that if you take a set out of a just corrupted site, the infection
repairs itself and if you push it too far or if there are other factors (high
bgs, bacteria etc) it eventually will abcess.

> The "classic" description of a site infection sounds very similar to this.
> It's often described as an "egg shaped lump" under the skin surface, and is
> sometimes warm and tender to the touch. If the site is also irritated
> looking, it might be best to have it looked at. I've known pumpers to have
> infections which did *not* ooze, and initially showed no more symptoms than
> reported here.
> Though I don't disagree that this also sounds like a "classic symptom of
> site corruption by Humalog", it can be tricky when it is similar to an
> infection. Often best to rule out the "dangerous" stuff first (possibility
> of an infection), then deal with the aggravating stuff (site corruption),
> then deal with the experiments (H/V mixing).

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