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[IP] Re: tendonitis

> Barb G wrote:
>      Hoping to get back with the local ADA chapter soon, probably when
> school is in session again. They said they would probably put me on the
> phones, which is fine with me. Am hoping to get the shoulder somewhat
> better first though. Otherwise it would be had to do stuff at home after
> using my arm all day on the phone! Tried it one day, and I really paid
> for it.

Barb -- this only works for phones, but if you're going to be on the phone
for a large part of the day, it's worth it: get a phone with a
headset. They run at least $100, maybe $200, but then you have your arms
free. No more stiff neck from cradling the phone, either. The headset I
have connects to a cordless phone, so I can walk around the house, do
dishes or fold laundry or some other mindless task while talking.

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