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Re: [IP] Water parks

I have a Disetronic but I understand the minimed has a sports guard or
something that makes it waterproof. 

I've been to 3 waterparks this summer. All in Texas and all with 100 plus
temps. I use humalog. No problems.

We placed out towels and junk in a picnic area but I left my glucose machine
and extra supplies in the first aid station because it was air conditioned and
I didn't want my glucose machine stolen. I greatly reduced my basal rates, put
my pump in a fanny pack with it's red cap and away I went. 

I did not worry about the heat and my insulin but if you are worried here are
two suggestions:  One, is the frozen koozie idea or blue ice. Carry it in the
fanny pack along with the pump but this would require frequent trips to the
first aid station for new ice packs. Plus you'd need to call ahead to see if
they have a freezer. Two, if the insulin does lose potency due to the heat
(which I have had NO problems with) I believe it would not happen that day but
in a day or two later. So, just use a partially filled resevior/cartridge and
replace it at the end of the day.

I talked with the med guy at the first aid station who told me I could go on
any ride with my fanny pack and if questioned I could say he cleared it. (no
one commented) I also carried some liquid glucose in my fanny pack because it
is water proof. Carried my money as well. Dollars spend just as well wet as
they do dry.

It was also a nice place to stash my glasses on the 60 foot water slide.
Swoosh!!! :)
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