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Re: [IP] Site Lump


It may be safest for someone who has recently started pumping to *not* make
any assumptions about this lump, and have it looked at by their health care

The "classic" description of a site infection sounds very similar to this.
It's often described as an "egg shaped lump" under the skin surface, and is
sometimes warm and tender to the touch. If the site is also irritated
looking, it might be best to have it looked at. I've known pumpers to have
infections which did *not* ooze, and initially showed no more symptoms than
reported here.

Though I don't disagree that this also sounds like a "classic symptom of
site corruption by Humalog", it can be tricky when it is similar to an
infection. Often best to rule out the "dangerous" stuff first (possibility
of an infection), then deal with the aggravating stuff (site corruption),
then deal with the experiments (H/V mixing).

Just my .02, YMMV ;-)


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>> Sometimes I have a small round hard lump also when my set has been in for
>> several days.  It seems as the insulin isn't getting in.  
>> I remove my infusion set, there is under the skin a hard lump? It
>> feels like a little marble. There is no oozing of anything and a
>> little tenderness. The lump stays for a long time. ? This past
>> weekend, I started having unexplained high sugars (22.3 to 13.9) 405
>> to 252!! I felt really horrible. I showed large ketones. The 
>> infusion set had only been in a little over two days. After bolusing 
>> like crazy to bring them down I said oh well I'll just change 
>> everything and see. I was still 12.8 (232) at bedtime, (hours after 
>> changing the set). I haven't tested yet this morning. I remember 
>> somebody had mentioned an abcess? Could this lump be that? It's very 
>> big, actually maybe bigger than a marble, and odd shaped? This is 
>> the second one I've had. I began pumping on May 11\98, and am using 
>> Humalog, with the Disetronic HV1000.

>This is classic symptom of site corruption by Humalog. There are some 
>extensive discussions in the archives of the mail list.
>Mix H & V at a ratio that suits you between 5:1 and 3:1. Good chance 
>the problem will disappear. Other members on the list can probably 
>advise you better on the actual ratio or you can experiment and see 
>which provides a better post-prandial blood sugar level. My daughter, 
>Lily age 15, uses 5:1 and has tried 4:1 but does not like that.
>email @ redacted

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