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Re: [IP] Water parks

> Does minimed make or can I make a special waterproof case for swimming? 
> Jessica likes to swim quite often.  Any ideas?

Just disconnect. Depending on the water temperature, level of 
activity, etc... Jessica may actually need carbo to keep her blood 
sugar levels stable.

Lily was on a swim team when she was dx'd serveral years ago. At the 
time she needed 10-15 grams of carbo an hour and no insulin to keep 
from getting low during a workout. Play usually required no insulin 
and maybe a very small snack. 

She used the SportGuard prior to the advent of the QR mechanism and 
managed to drown her pump twice. The SG works 'most of the time' 
which isn't good enough for a $4000 piece of hardware.

Suggest Jessica just disconnect and check every 30 minutes the first 
couple of times you go swimming until you can determine her average 
needs. Then you can check every hour or two or on an as needed basis.

You may see a reduced basal requirement after a 'hard' day of play. 
Lily usually turns the second half of her night time rate down a 
tenth so she is not low in the morning after sustained periods of 
physical activity.

Lily, now 15, just came back from 2 weeks a lake Tahoe. She was in 
the water all day, every day (temp about 66 F) getting on and off the 
dock, etc... She usually had her pump off for 4 - 6 hours at a 
stretch, putting it on for snacks, lunch, etc... except for one day 
when she was high at dinnertime, her bg's were in the 80 to 150 range 
at the end of the day. As Bob would say, YMMV

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