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Re: [IP] Re: Cause of diabetes/cancer?

> I don't dispute that the malfuction of T-cells usually immediately
> precedes the onset of diabetes, but you overlook a major twist in the
> story. I thought the latest thinking was that it is the LACK of disease
> in our communities that is responsible for the dramatic increase in the
> modern world of auto-immune diseases like diabetes, asthma, excema etc.

There have been some studies done on this. The T1 cell responsible 
for diabetes (I quote from memory) is not present in everyone, only a 
certain subset of the population (the genetic connection). There is a 
second killer T cell that when activated FIRST suppresses the 
activity of the diabetes T1 cell and prevents it from ever becomming 
active. This is what the study found. Thus, not all persons with the 
'bad cell' will get diabetes. I must carry it since there numerous 
diabetics on my mothers side of the family and my wife's family has 
no history whatsoever. I escaped, but Lily did not. The other kids 
(4 of them) are still OK so either they are missing the genetic code, 
the the 'other' killer T is active or so far nothing has activated 
the 'bad' T1.  Supposedly it depends on what diseases they encounter 
in their life cycle and whether or not (lets call it) T2 gets turned 
on before T1 in addtion to whether the 'bad' T1 gets activated 'at 

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