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[IP] Pump approval

Hi Carol,
Welcome to our "club". I have been pumping (happily) for 6 weeks now and 
often wonder why I waited so long to start. I am also a downhill skiier 
and have wondered how THAT will work with the pump. I guess we'll have to 
wait a couple of months to work that one out.

>>>>Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 13:18:19 PDT
>>>>From: "carol niederbuhl" <email @ redacted>
>>>>Subject: [IP] pump approval

     Hi Everyone!

         Yesterday my insurance company called me with the wonderful
news of my pump approval.  I should be hearing from minimed sometime
next week.  I chose minimed because of its future plans of incorporating
glucose detection with pump feedback, much like an artificial pancreas.
(although I know that I will be doing all the work for now, being on
intensive therapy for 5 years has prepared me and I am looking forward
to feeling better.  I am also looking forward to all of your help and
great advice.  (especially hiking,heat and low temps-I downhill ski in
temps below zero every wnter.  I usually carry my glucose meter right
next to my body under several layers of clothing-so I suppsose it would
be the same with the pump?)   be "seeing you"!   cn
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