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[IP] Site Lump

Maybe somebody could offer me an explanation as to why, sometimes when I
remove my infusion set, there is under the skin a hard lump? It feels like a
little marble. There is no oozing of anything and a little tenderness. The
lump stays for a long time. ? This past weekend, I started having
unexplained high sugars (22.3 to 13.9) 405 to 252!! I felt really horrible.
I showed large ketones. The infusion set had only been in a little over two
days. After bolusing like crazy to bring them down I said oh well I'll just
change everything and see. I was still 12.8 (232) at bedtime, (hours after
changing the set). I haven't tested yet this morning. I remember somebody
had mentioned an abcess? Could this lump be that? It's very big, actually
maybe bigger than a marble, and odd shaped? This is the second one I've had.
I began pumping on May 11\98, and am using Humalog, with the Disetronic
HV1000. Thanks for any ideas or advice you all can send me. This pumper's
list is like my life-line of info and support. Thanks everyone!!! Wendy

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