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Re: [IP] What's forgotten

John, if you really do need to use a calculator to figure out 10%, then I
retract my offer of acceptance into our physiology training program :-)
	And I was always told that all that extra sugar in the brain made
diabetics  smarter than everyone else.   I guess that's the downside of
good BG control with the pump *S*

<<<<<<From: John Neale <email @ redacted>
Subject: Re: [IP] What's forgotten!

> She even asked me to hand her her calculator once to compute 10% of
> something. Hah!! what a joke, I just looked at her until she relented
> with a sheepish grin.

What's wrong with that Michael?

Have you never used your car to go somewhere you could just have quickly
walked... or hit the spell check on a document you could just have
easily read through... or put a cup in the dish-washer when you could
just as easily rinsed it under the tap...

I studied mathematics at college, and would always use a calculator to
add 10%. I'm comfortable with the equipment, less likely to make a
mistake. I let my fingers do the boring work and leave my brain for the
interesting tasks in life...


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