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Re: [IP]

Hi Bonnie,

I use the scratch ingredients in my breadmaker.  If you try the
rye/white flour combo, get some vital wheat gluten and follow the
package directions.  Rye flour doesn't rise very well and the gluten

I have the same problem as you ... I want to eat too much of the warm
bread with butter as soon as it is baked.

The tomato sandwich sounds great!  I love bacon and tomato sandwiches --
but hold the lettuce.

<< I used to make them from scratch, love that yeasty smell.  But we had
serious problem with making bread from scratch.  We kept eating it all
with butter on it as soon as it came from the oven.    Now I use the
machine and don't eat as much.  I like the herb ones, cheese ones, your
half white and half rye sounds good.  I bet it would be great with those
homegrown tomatoes I thought I would have this year.  The heat got
all of them.  Nothing better than tomato sandwich.  Don't eat much meat
chicken/turkey and tuna. 
Bonnie >>


	... Sue  :-)

		For a healthy heart ...
		Give your Faith a workout!

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