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Re: [IP] Another site failure!

> Unlike last time we used
> the
> EMLA for almost 2 hours. Inserted the introducer needle all the way-SHE DID
> NOT FEEL ANYTHING!!!!! OH HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea, Judy!!!  Two hours works well for us, too.  Anything less than that
and Kayla feels the needle.  Kayla still hasn't gotten over her fear of
needles and the Comfort needle looks pretty intimidating.  Here's a
suggestion for inserting in the abdomen area.  Have Megan lay on her
back on the floor.  Sit perpendicular to her hips and place one leg over
her thighs and one leg over her upper chest (loosely, of course).  Let
Megan "squeeze" your leg while you do the insertion.  There are two
benefits from this method: 1) she can't SEE the insertion because your
leg is blocking her view,  2) without her knowing it, your legs are
keeping her from squirming and messing up the insertion.

Hope this helps!!!

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