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Re: [IP] Another site failure!

On Sun, 19 Jul 1998 email @ redacted wrote:

> Last night after a great day of bg(new rapid placed  in the am) Megan shot up
> to 378! Bolused 1.5 units and checked again in an hour-479! Took out the

You must also calculate the expected rise due to the missing insulin that 
should have been in for the last hour but isn't, remember that it takes a 
while for the half-life or delay (whatever you call it). It is the 
opposite of the unused insulin rule. Also, when you get that high you are 
somewhat insulin resistant and there can be a significant delay before 
the effect kicks in. Zig-zag is not uncommon.

> infusion.   Injected 2 units of H. Talked with Megan a long time about how
> much better a teflon cannula would be under the skin than a needle. It's
> either that or get off the pump.
> Megan agreed to try the Comfort again with EMLA. Unlike last time we used the
> EMLA for almost 2 hours. Inserted the introducer needle all the way-SHE DID
> NOT FEEL ANYTHING!!!!! OH HAPPY DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> upper hip area but I am going to try to talk her into the abdomen next!!

If Megan wants to ask other kids about set insertions, I'm sure there are 
many who would be willing to reassure her. She uses 
Comforts/Silohettes/Tenders in the back and SofSets in front. 
She likes the SS's because of the quick insertion of the SofSerter.
She use to use bent needles in front when she was littler.

Other parents, speak up here!!!

Megan can call Lily at 650 494 3077. Drop us an e-mail first, Lily is not 
at home much during the summer, always off somewhere but should be around 
for the next couple of weeks before going to Mountain Camp.

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