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[IP] Another site failure!


Last night after a great day of bg(new rapid placed  in the am) Megan shot up
to 378! Bolused 1.5 units and checked again in an hour-479! Took out the
infusion.   Injected 2 units of H. Talked with Megan a long time about how
much better a teflon cannula would be under the skin than a needle. It's
either that or get off the pump.

Megan agreed to try the Comfort again with EMLA. Unlike last time we used the
EMLA for almost 2 hours. Inserted the introducer needle all the way-SHE DID

I feel the Rapid was failing almost always when she sleeps because she sleeps
on her side right where the set is placed. We still put the Comfort in her
upper hip area but I am going to try to talk her into the abdomen next!!

Thank you everyone for being here for me!!

Judy C.
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