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Re: [IP] Re: catalyst for Type I?

Nanette (Chana) Freedman wrote:
> When I was diagnosed with DM type 1, 6 months ago (at age 48) I had
> spent the previous 3 weeks self-misdiagnosed as having flu/throat/sinus
> infection.  In retrospect it is very clear that I had none of those
> things, just feeling lousy with very dry and therefore painful throat
> and sinuses, and foul taste in my mouth, all due to increasing
> ketoacidosis.  I wonder if any of the apparent throat or sinus
> infections reported by others might not in fact have been due to the
> same cause.

Actually, too many people, myself included, have had very distinct illnesses
of the strep throat or flu variety before being diagnosed as Type 1s. When 
I started convulsing in the early morning hours and they hauled me into the
emergency room after my family GP refused to believe I was developing 
diabetes, though my Mom suspected it and asked him, my throat was full
of phlegm from my "strep throat" which had been going on for 2 or 3 days.
Others have reported more or less the same kinds of symptoms when diagnosed or
slightly before.

Not all virii that lead to diabetes will have such pronounced symptoms, there
are many suspected illnesses that could trip the autoimmune system to kill
the Beta cells, given our genetic background. The way I think of it is that 
our bodies just lack "fine-tuning" in the auto-immune system and release 
antibodies that kill over a slightly too broad spectrum.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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