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[IP] Re: catalyst for Type I?

email @ redacted wrote:
>> When Cameron was diagnosed he had strep throat which had already been treated
>> (unsuccessfully) twice. I'm not sure if the strep brought on the diabetes or
>> if the diabetes caused the strep.
>I was thought to have strep throat just as I went into coma and was finally
>diagnosed as DM Type 1. Seemed like it wasn't quite the same as the strep throat
>my siblings had before and since. Who knows, maybe it was actualy Coxsackie B or
>The diabetes DEFINITELY didn't start the "strep throat", it was definitely the 
>other way for me.

When I was diagnosed with DM type 1, 6 months ago (at age 48) I had
spent the previous 3 weeks self-misdiagnosed as having flu/throat/sinus
infection.  In retrospect it is very clear that I had none of those
things, just feeling lousy with very dry and therefore painful throat
and sinuses, and foul taste in my mouth, all due to increasing
ketoacidosis.  I wonder if any of the apparent throat or sinus
infections reported by others might not in fact have been due to the
same cause.  

I can't identify any other infection or event in the weeks/months
preceding my DM, but do have a strong family history, with a brother and
a grandfather with type 1, and perhaps a great-aunt died in childhood of
type 1 (family myths vary on this one).

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