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Re: [IP] IDDM 49 yrs 11/98

Hi Elzie,

I am a Private Pilot who lost my medical certificate due to Diabetes. 
However, the FAA has recently relaxed their regulations in this area. 
Now, if you can go a year without any serious hypos you can have your
medical certificate for Private Pilot only.  You have to have the flight
physical yearly, though, I believe.  

Myself, I would love to get a hot air balloon certificate.  I have been
up in a balloon several times and loved every second of it -- especially
the traditional Champagne breakfast <vbg>!


<< Wanted to fly unable to pass physical for license
so did get a license for light than air (hot air baloon) have
a commercial & instructors license. have had a motorcycle 
most of my life, what i am trying to set forth is we can do
about anything we set our mind to do if we try hard enough
i think diabetes did contribite to my determination to not
give up as if i have desided or said going to do something
don't acquise inability on diabetes.

Elzie Speir >>


	... Sue  :-)

		For a healthy heart ...
		Give your Faith a workout!

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