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I had a similar problem when I switched over to Humalog from Velosolin 
about a year and a half ago.  Because Humalog acts sooo quickly, my 
blood sugars hurled me up and down, and WOW what a roller coaster ride 
it was!!  I was miserable.  The problem for me was getting my basal 
rates set correctly again.  My greatest difficulty was in changing my 
mind set.  After using the Velosolin for quite a while, it was difficult 
for me to convince myself to vary my basals into the patterns that would 
make the Humalog work--for instance, I had to really push up my night 
basals, especially in the very early morning hours, and reduce my late 
morning ones.  (My Velosolin had a pretty big shadow effect, which 
tended to reduce the amount of night insulin I required.)  To figure out 
just what was going on, I had to intensively test and very carefully 
control my exercise, my diet, everything--until I could get some 
accurate numbers for a basal.  Now my control is great, and those 
problems are long past.  But it can take quite a while to figure out 
those basal rates.  I love Humalog now, and you couldn't get me to 
change for anything.  It is possible, that since your Velosolin basals 
are working and you are not having trouble with the Humalog when 
injecting, that you are experiencing something similar.  John Walsh's 
article on using Humalog in a pump that he sends out with his Pumping 
Insulin book (through Torrey Pines Press) was very helpful to me in 
knowing what to do and expect with Humalog.
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