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Re: [IP] Please help me!

>. But we never tried only inserting the introducer
> needle half an inch-we always put it in all the way. She hated it but I am
> willing to try it again if she will do it. I have decided that I MUST CHANGE
> HER INFUSION EVERY 36 hours. Waiting the full 2 days gets us in trouble.

1) I have no first hand experience with the partial insertion, it was 
reported by an IP member a few months back (whoever you are if you 
read this contact Judy please).

2) You really need to determine why the set only lasts 36 hours. A 
number of things come to mind if you use Humalog.

Movement of the needle at the site damages the tissue contributin 
to site corruption. I noted with Lily that if the site is damaged or 
bruised, it would not last as long, sometimes not 2 days as you have 
experienced. Lily would sometimes do this if she inserted the site 
too slowly. I never happened when she used a SofSerter, however, she 
has since switched to Silohettes/Tenders/Comfort sets which also seem 
to work very well. She never used H with a metal needle. If you do 
determine that site trauma is a problem, mix a small amount of V with 
the H. For a small child my gut feeling is 5:1 H/V Lower ratios will 
drive you nuts trying to figure out the expected effect. Contact me 
if you decide to do this for some more details -- it's no big deal, 
but I can provide some pointers.

I can't think of any good reason why a set should not routinely last 
2 - 3 days. Barring site trauma or bad luck, this should be the case. 
With a mix, you should be able to get 3-4 days minimum.


Michael <email @ redacted>
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