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[IP] Clinitest Testing

I've only been diabetic for 22 years which I thought was a long time until
I started seeing all of the posts about 30, 40, 50 and even that one that
is almost 60 years.  I do, however, remember clinitest tablets and I don't
to this day like the color orange.  When I was a C.I.T. at Bearskin Meadows
Diabetic Camp in California, we use to do Benedict (sp?) testing on all of
the campers who tested higher than 2+.  Talk about the worst duty in camp. 
It was totally yucky!  Now that I am use to BG testing I don't see how I
survived on urine testing.  I am really lucky though, no complications at
all.  So God must have been watching over me.  If there is anyone out there
who went to Bearskin Meadows or Camp Whitakker (sp?)  I would love to hear
from you.  Thanks for all the great info. on this list.

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