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Re: [IP] Re:

> <<  I asked the physician I am going to now if I could
>  > try Humalog and he would not let me.  I would like to give it a try.
>  > 
>  Get a new Doc. >>
> There may have been other reasons for this at the time the young lady asked
> about Humalog. Just telling someone to get a new doctor is not always
> appropriate.
> Barbara B.

You're both right!

Read up about the advantages and disadvantages of humalog, using all the
resources here and elsewhere on the internet. Become your own expert.
Then demand from your doctor for specific reasons why you shouldn't be
using humalog. Perhaps there are good reasons. But become the dominant
member of your doctor/patient partnership. If it appears you know more
about humalog than your doctor, then educate. If your doctor won't be
educated, and won't learn, then following Michael's advice would in
general be a good idea.

I've always armed myself with the best information I can find before
consulting a doctor. I know some think patient interference can hinder a
doctor in making the correct balanced decision, but I've always found it
prompts the doctor to give you the very best attention.

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