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Re: [IP] diabetes and cancer?

      I also belong to a brest cancer message board & of the literally
hundreds of posts I read daily, I only know of  maybe 3 women who are also
diabetic- and they may well be Type IIs.  I've often posted about Melissa and
this group & JDF, and no one's contacted me personally inquiring about
diabetes.  Ergo, from my unscientific survey, I'd think the answer to your
question would be NO. With 1 out of 8 women getting breast cancer, the
"populist" explanation tends to focus more on environmental factors than
autoimmune ones, just as you'd mentioned.  I am very sorry about Kayla's
friend & empathize with your "Mommy panic", but as I told my neighbor who has
toddlers, if we allowed ourselves to obsess over all the frightening things
outside our control, we'd never let our kids out the front door ever again!
And having comforted my daughters through the recent deaths (from illnesses)
of 3 high school students in their small (350 kids) school within the past 7
wks, I assure you I do NOT offer this advice to you cavalierly....Just as with
what does or doesn't "work" with pumping therapy, life is simply put a "crap
shoot"...The message then is to life each day to the fullest & enjoy it......

Regards, Renee (Melissa's mom)
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