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Re: [IP] Please help me!

> I am in tears! Megan's hip area looks like a pin cushion. She will not let me
> put in the Comfort or the Silouette. I do not know what to do except give her
> butt a rest and put her back on MDI. Any suggestions????
First, I only have my experience with Lily to judge but... I found 
that her basal requirements will "jump" after a period of stability 
to a new set point. You may need to carefully establish exactly what 
her basal requirements are after ruling out site corruption problems, 
alergy to the type of insulin (if it is Humalog), insertion problems, 

RE: if it is just insertion problems,

In a pinch you could try the "straight" needle - it looks like a 
non-bent "bent needle" set but is very small.. Lily used these for 
about a year. They are very small and come with little wings of 
adhesive to hold them on. Look at the picture on the mini-med site 
under "products".

I assume you are using silohettes or equivalent now??
However, it sounds like you might be putting the set in too deep. I 
really only needs to be under the skin a little - definetly not down 
into the meat. The set does not have to be inserted all the way 
either. Half inch is fine, just so the insertion point is well under 
the protective edge of the tape. 

Keep trying!! it is worth it in the end.


Michael <email @ redacted>
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