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Re: [IP] Megan is Better

>> I would like some info and mixing Velosin with Humalog. I think 
this will help
> too even if it's at a small mix of 5:1. I will look in old posts to see if I
> can find this much written about subject!!

I think I'm the one who started this on the list, but I got the idea 
from another list member who has since moved on.

For a kid, I would definetly go for the 5:1. REASON: digestion is 
quicker, the meal bolus can be given with the food as before and the 
"tail" of the regular in the mix is relatively small. If you have 
specific questions, post them and I'm sure you'll get a zillion 
answers. Lily has tried 4:1 but the greater V in the mix tends to 
make her go low after large meals with lots of carbo or meal + 
dessert. She switched back to Velosulin for a few weeks the last time 
her basal rates zig-zagged while we got them back on track and she 
absolutely hated it. Her preference of straight H, V, 5:1, 4:1 is the 
5:1 mix.  I think this is more a practical matter for her particular 
needs than any scientific or well thought out plan. This mix matches 
her digestion curve for what she normally eats very well. Others have 
reported similar results with different mixes 3:1 for instance, for 
basically the same reasons. As Bob says, YMMV.


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