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[IP] What's forgotten!

Renee writes:

>>..And since she routinely fills the reservoir
> once a week ( on the weekend), so far we haven't encountered the problem of
> running out of insulin....Now, as for forgetting to take along her meter
> sometimes, hmmmmm...well, always room for improvement!! LOL

Since I'm always blowing the horn about Lily, I have to confess (on 
her behalf) that she does forget to bolus (tho not recently), she has 
run out of insulin several times, even manage to do it twice in a 
row. (She refills twice a week, 3cc.)  She has never forgotten her 
meter but has forgotten her strips LOTS of times (great thinking!!) 
She even asked me to hand her her calculator once to compute 10% of 
something. Hah!! what a joke, I just looked at her until she relented 
with a sheepish grin.


Michael <email @ redacted>
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