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[IP] Send some info to searching teens

I am forwarding this message to the adult list. Perhaps some of you 
could mail this young lady privately as she is not on this list but 
has instead joined email @ redacted I have encouraged her to join 
the main list since I believe she is old enough.

> KIRSTEN FISHER <email @ redacted>
> I'm a 15-year-old brittle diabetic who suffers from highs and lows.
> I'm currently finding out about the pump and would love to receive
> more info!

I have not asked this young lady to join our list since she is still 
pretty young, however, perhaps some of you will e-mail her privately 
as well.

>Emily  <email @ redacted>
>I am a 13 year old girl interrested in the pump. I would like 
>information from this place about pumps. I have had diabetes for 4
>years and I go to Clara Barton Diabetes center in the summer time.
>It's really fun. Please send me stuff about pumps. Because I would
>like to know more about them and if they are really right for me.


Michael <email @ redacted>
Insulin-Pumpers website http://www.bizsystems.com/Diabetes/
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