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Re: [IP] Re: I'm a Veteran, too!

Jane Dohrmann wrote:
I owe my positive attitude and my pig-headedness to keep
> healthy to my parents -- most of all, my Mom. 

This sounds SO familiar. My Mom did the same for me 42 years ago, plus giving 
me all my shots from diagnosis at age 5 till I was 7. She finally decided it 
was time I did them myself when Dad took her out for an evening and she would
give me my shot when they got home. They found me asleep on the couch, where 
I'd gone to impatiently wait for them, then my brother came out too and was 
asleep out there by me. Enough was enough, so she started training me.

 She was the one that boiled
> my syringes and sharpened those horrible needles and also the one that took
> the time to prepare the right things to eat.  Those early days were the key
> to my good control today.
>     How many of you remember or experienced learning how to do your
> injections using an orange and an insulin bottle filled with water?  

Not me. Mom thought the orange was a silly waste of time. I'd watched her giving
me daily shots for 2 years and we knew it wasn't all that bad, so I practiced
on myself with reassurance from her. Of course we also cheated a bit, she 
found the Busher injector to push it in for me so I wouldn't be forced to
do the hardest part of it.

Ted Quick
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