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[IP] Causes

My viral infection in 1975 weighted 9# 2 oz and I named him Ryan. Before
PG healthy 120#, thru it 145#, aft birth 125# and no sign of high sugars
during. 3 months later in coma in hospital with diabetes. No diabetes in
family history.

My brief history: I believe some people are more apt to have
complications than the next person. However, I was not the best diabetic
8/93 after a car accident with a hugh black and blue to the right side
of the head retinopathy (bilateral peripheral) starting to raise it's
evil head. 9/94 stroke (too many high sugars), 11/2/94 cataract removed,
, never should have done, not healthy enought, 3 laser to right eye,
1/95 rubeotic glacoma right eye, 2/95 molterno implant (plastic tube
implant for pressure drainage, 3 more laser to right eye and 5 left eye.
9/97 moved the tube due to scar tissue pulling the iris over the tube
opening (moved to behind the iris). Worked great. Completely off
pressure medication and  seeing spider webbed blurred light in right eye
instead of black.

My endo is a diabetic himself and in a matter of 2 weeks with him my bg
where down to normal readings. 1 year on the pump and A1c are at 6.2 and
I do actually believe my eyes are doing good. Not any worse anyway.

It is so fabulous to read of the people 30, 36, 40, 42 years  and going

I thing I just have the misfortune of not being  very strick with myself
diabetic and not understanding the real outcome of being a diabetic and
having a body that propbably would of had complications of some kind

The next time your son or daughter says they don't want to check their
bg tell them it could mean a very poor life style for their future.
Leaned my leason tooo late.

Leann -- still trying

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