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[IP] No delivery alarm


I am new to the list and not really sure if I am even sending this to the
right place as I am also fairly new to computers (big brother is a
programmer who decided it was time for us to be on the internet!).  So far
I have not seen my problem so here goes:  I am very sensitive to insulin I
am on humalog and have a 1 unit to 15 grams carbo ratio and it lowers me
anywhere from 60 to 80 points.  My basal rates are fairly low and on my
Minimed 507 the "no delivery" alarm does not sound until 2 units have been
unable to be delivered.  Well. . .  with me if I haven't recently bolused
that could be 5 or 6 hours and by that time I am in the 200's and starting
to run ketones.  I know I could test more but already testing 6 to 8 times
a day and wouldn't know something was wrong to test until the next time I
went to eat.  Does anyone know if there is a way to set the no delivery
alarm at a lower rate?  Minimed rep told me he didn't believe so.  Does
anyone else have this problem?  I know it is kind of minor compared to some
I've heard but it is bugging me.  I have only been on the pump since
4/20/98.  Thanks!

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