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Re: [IP] RE: Many years

Paula, You made me LOL with your clinitest description.  I, too, hated orange
and to this day, my favorite color is BLUE.  I hate OJ, orange juice, that is,
because that was what my mom treated my low BGs with.  I still cannot drink
the stuff--too many bad memories.  Anyway, thanks for the laugh. 
P.S.  I have had diabetes for 39 years but would only consider myself a role
model for the last few years.  I really have never taken care of myself that
well and believe that the complications dilemma is a problem for a lot of
diabetics who have taken care of themselves very well.  I have a friend who
has been a much more tightly controlled diabetic than I have and she has so
many complications that it's scary. I, on the other hand, have virtually none.
This has got to be a genetic predisposition to complications.  For instance, I
have great veins so that my circulation is better than many whose veins are
not so good.  I can't take credit for having good veins.  I don't want to be a
downer, but I think the whole longevity thing is overdone.  It's kind of like
smokers who die at age 100.  Smoking just didn't affect them like some who get
lung cancer after 20 years.  I think most of us are just genetically lucky to
not have complications for a long time.  BTW, I don't mind being a role model.
I just think it is undeserving.  ellen
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