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Re: [IP] Re: Humalog and Heat

In a message dated 98-07-17 15:22:19 EDT, Bob wrote:

<< It's great that some can continue to use it in all kinds of weather, with
 no problems, but it's baffling why some seem to have difficulty with it. >>

My current belief is that problems with Humalog relate to site absorption and
not weather. Although activity and "rugged" atmospheres may add to the problem
at the sites. I do not see signs of the insulin having a problem, only the

I'm open to considerations and YMMV. It took this Queen of DeNile a long time
to admit I had to change the sites more often. For about the first year I did
not have problems with Humalog and sites. When I started with the probs I
didn't want to admit it. But now there is no mistaking that if I do not change
my site every 2-3 days, my absorption slows and has even stopped with or
without visible signs of reddness or irritation etc..

I was able to deny it because the absorption was not constant. It also seemed
to depend on how much insulin I was pumping. I mostly seemed to develop the
problem after a binge thus blaming the amount of food intake instead of the
site. Sometimes it happened rapidly and sometimes slowly.

So far, changing sites (using the same cartridge) has taken care of any
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